Zumpets: Meet Ninja, Our Diabetic Cat

Dr Grace from Zumvet and her cat

It’s easy to get lost in Ninja’s puss-in-boots eyes, and forget that he’s also an elderly cat with healthcare needs.

Ninja’s Hoomans had their first scare when Ninja was fell sick just 2 weeks before their wedding. They brought him to see a vet after noticing that he had been limping and was more lethargic.

Ninja was diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus, a similar condition to the diabetes that many humans suffer from.

Learning to give Ninja Insulin injections, monitoring his blood sugar levels was stressful, but 100% worth it. Despite his illness, Ninja continued to thank his humans with nose bumps, and sandpaper kisses.

Remember that our pets may not know how to tell us that they are unwell, and that their illnesses can present in the most unexpected of ways. Always seek help early and ask a vet if you think your pet is behaving differently.

P.S. Ninja became more energetic after starting the medication, started eating better, and his limping went away!