Spring has sprung, itchy skin has begun!

Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash

Well, Singapore obviously does not have seasons but our humid weather doesn’t help some of our pets who do have sensitive skin. Itchy skin is one of the most common conditions that vets see pets for, even at ZumVet! Many pet owners get worried about unknown open wounds or lesions – these issues can be easily advised and treated by a vet with a video call consultation. Much like humans, our pets skin can be affected by a wide variety of environmental or internal factors.

Fleas, ticks and mites

One of the most common reasons for itchy skin are fleas ticks and mites – but it is also one of the most easily solved issues! These little pesky parasites can cause extreme itching, fur loss, inflammation on your pet. If your pet goes for walks outside a lot, we recommend making sure your pet’s preventative medication is up to date – you can purchase flea, tick and mites prevention from us at ZumVet with just a video call!

Fungal Infections

More commonly seen in pets with weakened immune systems like young or sick animals, fungi like ringworm or yeast can cause itching for your pets! Worse still, these fungi could possibly spread to humans. So don’t forget to wash your hands well after playing or touching your pets!


Itchy skin can also be attributed to allergies caused by environmental factors or food (or sometimes no cause at all!). It is important to note that seeking veterinary advice is important in determining the root cause of your pet’s allergy. A detailed and accurate history and lifestyle will be used in deciding what would be the most appropriate action to take. For allergies to food, the vet might prescribe a food trial and offer advice about the variety of things you can do the help your pet reduce the itch!
If you are unsure about what is causing your cat or dog’s itchy skin, we are here for you!

Book a video call with one of our ZumVets for advise on how to manage your pet’s itchy skin.

You can also purchase a home-based Fur Loss: Dermatophyte (ringworm) Test kit for your pet’s itchy skin at here.