New year, new habits

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

We believe in a good grooming routine and what better time to get started! Here is a quick list of essential things that we have broken down into daily, weekly and monthly items that we feel are important for your pet’s wellness!


  1. Coat brushing – Give your dogs and cats a good brush daily, this applies to both long or short-haired breeds. This helps to remove dead hair and tangles and distribute their skin’s natural oils for a shinier and healthier coat. Brushing also allows early detection of fleas and ticks. Bonus: great bonding time for you and your pets!
  2. Teeth brushing – This removes tartar and plaque and prevents a build-up of bacteria which could lead to gum disease. Keeping your pet’s breath fresh benefits you too! Don’t forget to use appropriate kinds of toothpaste for your pets.


  1. Baths – Helps to keep them clean and parasite-free, especially for dogs that head out for walks! Don’t forget to give them a wipe down after their daily walks too, especially between their paws. Tip: make sure the water is warm and ensure shampoo is rinsed off thoroughly as leaving in shampoo might cause irritation to their skin.
  2. Ear Cleaning – Use your preferred ear cleaning solution and make sure you use cotton balls as cotton buds could potentially hurt your pet’s ear canal.


  1. Nail clipping – Long and overgrown nails are uncomfortable and painful and could break or crack if it gets caught on something. Make sure they are always short and trimmed with a pet-friendly nail clipper. Depending on your dog or cat, they might need trimming sooner, so check on them every 3 weeks or so.
  2. Preventatives – Getting your pets on preventatives against heartworm, tick and fleas is an essential routine especially if they spend time outdoors – you never know what they could pick up while on a walk. You can get Nexgard Spectra for dogs or Revolution for cats at our online shop.


  1. Vaccinations – A yearly check-up for your pets to update their vaccinations should be on your to-do list. This part of your routine could catch any potential health issues early and let your furry friends live a long, healthy life.