Is swimming good for your dog?

Sun’s out! We’re fortunate in Singapore to have beach-friendly weather all year round! Dogs have a natural instinct to do the doggy paddle when they’re in the water, so why not let them enjoy a swim from time to time?

– Low-impact cardio exercise for dogs that need to lose weight, especially when they have difficulty walking or running on land
– It’s cooler in the water! Nothing like a refreshing dip for your furry friend on a scorching hot day!
– Dogs may also enjoy the new sights and sensations, such as digging holes in the sand

How to ensure a safe day in the water:
– Make sure your dog is up to date on their annual vaccination, as you may meet unfamiliar dogs in public places
– If your pet is unfamiliar with swimming, it is strongly recommended that they start off with a pet life jacket. Ensure the size is appropriate for their body so that they have comfortable leg movement and the ability to breathe and look around with ease
– Ensure that the people bringing the pet swimming are also able to swim well, as the additional responsibility of handling a pet in the water can be challenging. Humans can wear life jackets too, just in case!
– Be sure to bring along a sufficient amount of cool or cold water for your pet to drink when they return to land. It can be hot and they need the water to cool off while they’re not swimming
– Keep your pet leashed and supervised at all times to prevent accidental ingestion of sand, drinking of sea or pool water, or falling into bodies of water
– Rinse your pet off with clean tap water after swimming, to remove sea salt and chlorine which may make the skin dry and itchy. Be sure to dry them thoroughly after their swim too, including their ears!